Hunter Valley Rally School - Drive your experience
Terms & Conditions:
Due to the high demand of clients attempting to book in a rally date, if a participant fails to arrived at their designated time on the day, Hunter Valley Rally School reserves the right to cancel the voucher issued with no refund available, unless in extenuating circumstances. 
Hunter Valley Rally School would like to remind our participants and purchasers that rally driving is sometimes at the mercy of the weather and/or mechanical failure of the vehicle's. Although our vehicles are serviced after every rally school day, vehicle's can have mechanical issues, vehicle's can break and rain can cancel the session/day completely.
Hunter Valley Rally School reserves the right to cancel any session due to any of the above mentioned issues, however all vouchers will be honoured and re-booked for the next available course.
The vehicle's on this web site may be different to those you drive on the day, however the type of vehicle will still be that of which was described in the offer (ie. rear wheel drive, 4WD turbo etc)
All vehicle's driven on the day are manual, with the particpant being required to at least be able to get the vehicle into second gear, and stop when requested.
When purchasing a voucher, current email address and two different phone numbers must be supplied. If a rally day is to be cancelled at short notice, the team will utilise these contact details to let you know. Hunter Valley Rally School do not take responsibility for incorrect numbers or unanswered communication prior to the start of the day.
One week prior to your rally experience, an email will be sent to the purchaser with the location the participant is to attend. Strict time frames must be adhered to in order to run a session smoothly. The participant must present their voucher on the day to a team member or they will not be permitted to participate in the rally experience.
The participant is required to wear enclosed shoes on the day. If the weather is warm, they are welcome to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt as the vehicle's can get very hot!! Gravel Rallying involves dust and dirt, and the team at Hunter Valley Rally School will not apologise for you leaving with dirty clothes, nor will they subsidise your dry cleaning bill!!!
All vouchers sold will be valid for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. However, if a rally day has been cancelled due to mechanical fault or weather, the voucher will be honoured even past its expiry date.
At Hunter Valley Rally School, we are a family orientated business. As such, we encourage families to come along and watch their loved one's on the day. We must stress though that rallying is a dangerous sport, and any children brought on the day are the direct responsibility of the parents/guardians that they came with.